Residential Master Key in Harahan, LA - Harahan LA Locksmith Store


Harahan LA Locksmith Store Harahan, LA 504-648-0600Keeping you safe in your home is not just a business service that we provide. Harahan LA Locksmith Store feels strongly that this is an important way we can contribute to the security of our entire community. When you contact our 24-hour organization, we will send a technician to handle any residential locksmith need that you have. We replace and/or repair broken window locks, provide new lock installation on doors, and numerous other services. Just let us know what you need and we will make sure we have the equipment on hand to resolve your issue in a single appointment.

Broken Locks

A lock that has broken or become jammed is definitely a frustrating experience. Attempting to retrieve the key without the proper tools can break it as well as the door lock. While we know you're anxious to get inside, we strongly encourage you to use your cell phone or a neighbors phone to call us instead. Our technicians will repair the key and the lock and make sure that you’re safely in the house before leaving the service call.

Lost Keys

Losing a house key is a common experience, but that doesn't make it any less aggravating. Harahan LA Locksmith Store is available 24 hours a day to create a new set of house keys for you or help you get into your home without having to break a window. We won't damage or destroy any other property either. This is only possible because of our professional locksmith tools. Best of all, we complete this service within minutes of our arrival.

Emergency Lock Changes

When you have immediate home security needs at your home in Harahan or the surrounding areas, Harahan LA Locksmith Store is available to respond right away. Changing locks for residential homes is often a service that can't wait. This is also true of multi-unit rental properties. Some people are too unstable and present too much of a threat to just hope for the best. With new locks in place, you can relax and know that the person threatening you or a tenant is unable to gain access.

Few things in life are as important as home security. After all, this is where you and your family live and you deserve to feel safe in your own sanctuary. We know that you are placing a great deal of trust in us and we appreciate and honor that trust. Our technicians demonstrate this by exceeding your initial standards for service and maintaining your privacy at all times. Your home or rental unit is a huge investment that you cannot leave vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and other potential threats. With Harahan LA Locksmith Store, you don't have to.