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Locksmith issues can be certainly irksome and when they ruin your plans for the day, there could be nothing as exasperating as that. Leaving the locksmith concerns unattended can leave your residential/commercial security exposed to external threats, hence fixing the issues in the quickest span is the only genuine solution that you could come up with. Imagine locking yourself out of the car in the middle of nowhere? When these situations occur during the off-hours they can be more nerve-wracking than any other issue.

Harahan LA Locksmith Store was established over ten years ago to help the dwellers of the Harahan from such unfavorable emergency situations. We began our operations with an aim to be the difference we wanted to see. By extending our valuable services for 24/7 a day and performing them with efficiency for 365 days a year, we have come out to be the best locksmithing firm in the industry that our clients love to work with!


Quick resolves

Harahan LA Locksmith Store has a number of competitors in the industry, and with such tough competition around the corner, we are bound to face challenges, but never has it placed us in an inferior position. Other locksmithing firms claim that they can work out your lock issues for low costs, but the quality of service is at its lowest too. Harahan LA Locksmith Store is a reliable firm that will quickly resolve all your locksmith issues for affordable costs. With one call to us, we will quickly arrive at the scene within 15 -20 minutes!

Wide-spread availability

Our services are available throughout the Harahan, LA area. Is your residential space located in the remote areas of the Harahan? Worry not anymore about not having access to help. With our mobile locksmith vehicles, we will arrive at your place within a few minutes and offer our appreciable services with swiftness!

24/7 services

While it is quite common for many to claim that they would provide their quality services as and when you need. The reality however speaks otherwise. We offer our services for 24/7 throughout the Harahan for affordable costs. Without charging any additional costs, nor taking a break from work due to sleep or even for national holidays, our services happen to be highly sought-after and satisfactory.

Zero-added charges

We have often been confronted with an emergency situation and the service-providers are bound to charge more than they should if they provide their services during the off-hours. Harahan LA Locksmith Store decided to be like no other locksmithing firm by taking the safety of our clients as the highest priority. Our motive is to provide affordable locksmith services to all in the Harahan regardless of the time or place they occur. Hence, we offer our efficient services to all even during the off-hours without charging any amount of additional costs.


  • Harahan LA Locksmith Store Harahan, LA 504-648-0600Key replacement
  • Key-cutting services
  • High-security duplication
  • Lockout resolves
  • Emergency lock changing services
  • On-the-spot lock resolves
  • Advanced locks installation
  • Lockout assistance regardless of time or space
  • Provision of spare keys
  • Resolutions for vehicle lockouts with zero-damage
  • Ignition repairs services
  • Extraction of broken keys
  • Door repairs
  • Door installation

Harahan LA Locksmith Store operates with a fervor to serve the dwellers of the Harahan as effectively as possible. Hence, whenever the need arises for you to call a locksmithing firm to resolve all your locksmith issues, call us at 504-648-0600 and we will arrive with our team to provide quick solutions.